Chainblock: ‚Bitcoin ATMs are the only way to buy crypto for cash‘ The Cryptonomist interviewed the leader of Bitcoin ATMs in Italy, Chainblock, in the person of CEO and co-founder Federico Pecoraro, to talk with him about the development of the sector in 2020 and what we can expect from […]

PlusToken Crypto Scam – il s’agit d’une alerte de nouvelles, spécialement pour les personnes affectées par le schéma de ponzi PlusToken. Il s’agit de la deuxième escroquerie d’investissement numérique la plus élevée de l’histoire relativement jeune de la crypto Selon un rapport de presse récemment publié, les autorités chinoises ont […]

The anonymous cryptocurrency Grin (GRIN) is currently very vulnerable to a 51% attack. An unknown group of miners now control more than half of the network’s hashrate. Grin risks 51% attack As a reminder, the 51% attacks generally concern blockchains that use Proof-of-Work. They can occur when an entity controls […]